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Year 1989 Coupe Base Price $ 31,545
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Year 1993 ZR1 405 Horsepower
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Why a C4 Corvette is a Great Buy?
Now may be the right time to buy one 
   • Contemporary world-class sports car performance
   • Classic body styling that rivaled the best from Europe
   • Good investment potential is beginning to happen
   • Continued to represents a legendary American Icon
   • Low maintenance and operational costs
   • Super reliability built-in
   • Relatively easy to work on
   • Wide variety of choices
   • Excellent choice for first time Corvette buyer
   • Fun to drive

These great C4 Corvettes were built for 13 years from 1984 to 1996. They were capable of reaching top speeds of 150 mph and more. Each year continued the tradition of great handling and braking capabilities with ABS, traction-control, and 16 to 17 inch Good Year performance tires. Other leading edge technologies, such as selective ride handling control, 6-speed manual transmissions, and 400+ horsepower motors were introduced during the C4's thirteen years.

The return of the convertible happened in 1986 after being discontinued in 1975. Superb classic styling, that's immediately recognizable as a Corvette, can be found in each individual year. When properly taken care of, these models can exceed 150,000 miles and more, with relatively inexpensive maintenance costs. They were very reliable as daily drivers and got excellent gas mileage as a bonus. Reasonable insurance rates for most models were readily available.

From targa tops to convertibles, Grand Sports to Collector Editions, to the King of the Road ZR1's, there were many available choices. A wide array of exterior colors and interior options were there to meet the desires of most buyers. And as always, each one put a smile on their driver's face as they drove down the highway.

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